Meet the one and only XperCount

A portable smart device for rapid inventory assessment and quality analysis of early-stage aquatic populations such as shrimp larvae and fish eggs.

Unique technology at your fingertips

Cutting edge hardware and software designed for the aquaculture industry.

Connected device

Enables wifi based session uploads and update downloads.

Cameras & sensors

Enables analytics specific to each species.

Software engineering

Brings the magic through advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence.

XperCount technical features

Outstanding accuracy

Our species applications are 95% accurate or better.

Multi-species compatibility

Count and analyse multiple different organism types with a single device.

Battery operated

Take your XperCount with you wherever it’s needed.

Easy to use

Operate your device via a modern, intuitive touchscreen interface.

Rugged & waterproof

Built for an aquaculture work environment.

Safe materials

Made entirely of FDA-approved materials; 100% safe for live animals.

XperCount specs


32 cm x 32 cm x 36 cm


3.2 kg


PC-ABS & polypropylene
Rugged & waterproof


7 inch touchscreen
1280 x 800


3200 MAh
5 hours of regular use

Power adaptor

Input 100-240V
Output 15V, 3.2A

Operating system



Wi-Fi 802.11

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