The XperCount is a portable, connected device that enables rapid inventory assessment and quality analysis of early-stage aquatic populations.

Results you can count on

Whether you’re a shrimp farmer or a scientist, hand counting and sizing are strenuous, time-consuming tasks. The XperCount offers a better way forward for all.


Get the total amount of organisms in the bucket. Lose the clicker.


Know the average size, size distribution and CV of your animals.


Access a zoomed-in snapshot of your organisms for visual assessment.

A connected device for a connected world

All XperCount measurements are automatically sent to your online XpertSea account. Log in from any browser to view & manage your data.

Key features

Outstanding accuracy

Our counting apps are 95% accurate or better. We're also constantly improving their range, accuracy and precision.

Complete size range

Count organisms sized between 1 micron and 8 cm, from microscopic algae cells to fish fry and shrimp post-larvae.

Extensive compatibility

Pick the right counting applications for your animals and use them all with the same device.

Battery operated

Charge and go. Take your XperCount with you wherever it’s needed, no power outlet required.

Touchscreen interface

Unique technology at your fingertips. Operate your device via a modern, intuitive tactile interface.

Safe materials

The XperCount is made entirely of FDA-approved materials and is 100% safe for live aquatic organisms.



32 cm x 32 cm x 36 cm


3.2 kg


PC-ABS & polypropylene
Rugged & waterproof


7 inch touchscreen
1280 x 800


3200 MAh
5 hours of regular use

Power adaptor

Input 100-240V
Output 15V, 3.2A

Operating system



Wi-Fi 802.11

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