Why innovative companies choose XpertSea


Hundreds of facilities worldwide

For the past decade, we’ve met with hundreds of innovative farmers and businesses around the world. We’ve listened to their challenges and needs; resulting in a broad and deep understanding of the aquaculture industry.

This invaluable knowledge, combined with our mission to feed the world with sustainable aquaculture, leads us on our path to transform how the global aquaculture industry farms seafood.

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Aquaculture Awards winner

To fulfill our mission, we’ve created a collaborative solution that combines smart aquaculture equipment and a farm management platform.

Our platform, winner of the 2019 Aquaculture Awards Technical Innovation, is the only commercially available solution that automates animal data collection and gives production insights using artificial intelligence and computer vision.

These insights enable farmers and industry experts to optimize feed efficiency, reduce environmental waste, take preventive actions against diseases and use data to bring transparency and knowledge to the entire supply chain.

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2.3B animals processed per year

In the last year alone, our platform has processed over 2.3B animal data points and optimized 6,000 crops.

With customers ranging from small and midsize facilities to the world’s largest agribusiness multinationals, we’re using Canadian ingenuity to make aquaculture more profitable and sustainable in 55 countries.

"The XpertSea platform provides deep insights into our post-larvae and broodstock performance. The data improves our quality control decisions and enhances our broodstock genetic selection program."

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Chris Tang, Business Development and advisor, Global Gen, Indonesia

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