Web portal

Your command and control center for everything XpertSea. Log in to manage your data, devices, users, and more.

All your results, synced and organized

Every counting session performed with the XperCount is automatically transferred to your personal XpertSea account when you connect the device to a wireless network.

Advanced quality analysis

Dig into session reports to access additional quality control parameters such as the average length, size distribution and coefficient of variation of your animals.

Manage devices and users

Activate your devices, invite your colleagues as users within your organization and manage access permissions through your XpertSea account.

Embrace the cloud

Choosing the XpertSea platform means a seamless transition to the cloud for your business. Just start using your XperCount and your data will automatically transfer to your web-based account. Access organized production data anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Get started

Take your operation to next level with the XpertSea platform.