Meet the team

We're passionate about helping food producers succeed in new and exciting ways.

Nela Prolic
Customer Success Representative
Antonio Polo
VP Engineering
Dave Dupras
Production Technician
Chelsea Andrews
Product Manager
Julien Roy
Software Developer
Vasile Bicherschi
Software Developer
Guillaume Boily
Software Developer
Mariano Olguín
Sales & Technical Representative
Vanessa Gauthier
Technical representative - Latin America
Nicolas Garneau
Software Developer
Pierre-Luc St-Onge
Sales Director
Frederic Latreille
President & COO
Valérie Robitaille
Co-Founder & CEO
Joey Bolduc-Gilbert
Software Developer
Elsa Leclerc
Quality Control
Sylvie Lavigne
Co-Founder & Vice President
Cody Andrews
Samuel Couture-Brochu
Chief Software Architect
François Robitaille
Co-Founder & Head of Finance
Louis-Simon Bourgault
Director of Production
Lucas Marcotte Richardson
UI/UX Designer & Marketer
Philippe Desjardins
Software Developer