Smart aquaculture equipment
& growth platform

The XpertSea solution combines smart aquaculture equipment and an intelligence platform to automate animal data collection and analyze important information about your aquatic organisms.

Solution includes

XperCount smart device
Growth platform access
One year hardware warranty
Software upgrades
Phone & email support

Discover the XpertSea solution

A complete, powerful and user-friendly solution for aquaculture producers. Perform rapid inventory assessment and quality analysis with the fastest and most accurate precision tools on the market.

Features you’ll love


Place your animals in the XperCount and let it do the counting.


XperCount automatically calculates the length of every organism in your sample.


Capture and store photos for visual assessment and recordkeeping.


Track critical quality parameters over time for your populations.


Minimize complaints with accurate and transparent transactions.


Access your production information securely from any device, anywhere.

''The Magic Bucket''

The XperCount: our patented smart device for imaging, counting, weighing and sizing small aquatic organisms.

The XpertSea Growth Platform

The Xpercount feeds automated organism data such as size and weight to the AI platform which results in precise data about daily growth rate, feed conversion ratio, stocking density and survival rate, among others. With one glance, you get a complete picture of how your shrimp or fish production is doing.

Our organism coverage

We’re constantly expanding our app library, allowing you to implement the XperCount at every level of your production stack, from hatching to grow out.