Enhancing the farmer and supplier journey with technology

Our solution leverages artificial intelligence to turn valuable aquaculture data into powerful business insights.

Make informed data-driven decisions

Insightful management platform

The Growth Platform uses artificial intelligence to capture, ingest, store, and process field data to give you actionable data-driven insights about your production throughout the whole cycle.

XpertSea's platform allows to monitor shrimp growth and visualize their health with real-time images

Producer benefits

  • Monitor animal health and detect early signs of diseases.
  • Adjust feeding, minimize feed wastage and maintain good feed conversion ratio to promote growth.
  • Discover the most profitable time to harvest.
  • Centralize and keep track of crucial production data.

Supplier benefits

  • Give advice and recommendations based on real-time field data.
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences.
  • Automate, update and improve feed formulation or health prescription.
  • Demonstrate the efficacy of your treatments.
XpertSea's platform provides personalized reports about shrimp growth, feeding, water and harvest

Capture meaningful animal and environmental data

Smart & reliable devices for aquaculture

Collect data seamlessly

From stocking to harvest, perform quality analysis and check the well-being of your animals with the XperCount.

The XperCount uses cameras and machine learning applied to computer vision to count, size, weigh and image animals in seconds.

Track feed and water
quality parameters easily

Log feed metrics into the mobile app for accurate prescriptions and formulations.

Record water quality parameters and keep ponds in optimal conditions.


  • Automate and standardize data collection.
  • Get reliable and accurate measurements
  • Forget spreadsheets; data is sent automatically to your AI-driven aquaculture management platform.
  • Make confident decisions.

Get full visibility over your production

Monitor animal health

View quality information about your shrimp and fish

  • Size and weight distributions;
  • Growth rates and biomass in ponds;
  • Density and survival, and more.

Predict a better harvest

  • Track pond composition by count/kg.
  • Track biomass value based on market prices and pond composition.
  • Increase revenue and maximize profitability.
XpertSea's platform tracks feeding parameters

Optimize feeding

  • Keep track of meals, feeding rates and feed tray checks.
  • Maintain proper feed conversion ratios.
  • Adjust feeding and improve formulations.

Track water quality parameters

  • Track important water quality measurements: salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, ammonia, and more.
  • Compare water metrics with any other population metric to
    assess the pond environment.
  • Quickly investigate when there are issues.

With innovation and digitization, precision aquaculture is possible

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