Enhancing the farmer and supplier journey with technology

Our solution leverages artificial intelligence to turn valuable aquaculture data into powerful business insights.

Make informed data-driven decisions

Insightful management platform

The Growth Platform uses artificial intelligence to capture, ingest, store, and process field data to give you actionable data-driven insights about your production throughout the whole cycle.

XpertSea's platform allows to monitor shrimp growth and visualize their health with real-time images

Producer benefits

  • Monitor animal health and detect early signs of diseases.
  • Adjust feeding, minimize feed wastage and maintain good feed conversion ratio to promote growth.
  • Discover the most profitable time to harvest.
  • Centralize and keep track of crucial production data.

Supplier benefits

  • Give advice and recommendations based on real-time field data.
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences.
  • Automate, update and improve feed formulation or health prescription.
  • Demonstrate the efficacy of your treatments.
XpertSea's platform provides personalized reports about shrimp growth, feeding, water and harvest

Capture meaningful animal and environmental data

Smart & reliable devices for aquaculture

Leverage our latest mobile-based imaging technology

Simplify the acquisition of crop data and easily access transparent and reliable information with our mobile app.

From a few pictures, make informed decisions on how to grow your shrimp and transact business.

From a few pictures, make informed decisions on how to grow your shrimp and transact business.

Grow healthier shrimp

  • Sample faster and more accurately than a weight scale.
  • Standardize and digitize growth data.
  • Manage feeding regimes.
  • Run your farm from a distance.

Plan better harvest

  • Get visibility over your commercial sizes.
  • Understand your pond value.
  • Run financial scenarios.

Collect data seamlessly with the XperCount

Perform quality analysis and check the well-being of your animals with the XperCount.

The XperCount uses cameras and machine learning applied to computer vision to count, size, weigh and image animals in seconds.


  • Automate and standardize data collection.
  • Get reliable and accurate measurements
  • Forget spreadsheets; data is sent automatically to your AI-driven aquaculture management platform.
  • Make confident decisions.

Get full visibility over your production

Monitor animal health

View quality information about your shrimp and fish

  • Size and weight distributions;
  • Growth rates and biomass in ponds;
  • Density and survival, and more.

Predict a better harvest

  • Track pond composition by count/kg.
  • Track biomass value based on market prices and pond composition.
  • Increase revenue and maximize profitability.
XpertSea's platform tracks feeding parameters

Optimize feeding

  • Keep track of meals, feeding rates and feed tray checks.
  • Maintain proper feed conversion ratios.
  • Adjust feeding and improve formulations.

Track water quality parameters

  • Track important water quality measurements: salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, ammonia, and more.
  • Compare water metrics with any other population metric to
    assess the pond environment.
  • Quickly investigate when there are issues.

With innovation and digitization, precision aquaculture is possible

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