Valérie Robitaille
Co-Founder and CEO
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Frederic Latreille
President and COO
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Cody Andrews
Co-Founder and Engineer
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François Robitaille
Co-Founder and Head of Finance
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Sylvie Lavigne
Co-Founder and Vice-President
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Samuel Couture-Brochu
Chief Technology Officer
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Why aquaculture matters

By 2050 our planet will be home to 10 billion people, requiring a 70% increase in food production. Aquaculture offers a sustainable alternative to open-sea fishing, but unlike agriculture, which has benefited from major technological advances, aquaculture relies on antiquated techniques and technologies. Now, through advanced technologies such as AI and computer vision, the XpertSea Platform is playing an essential role in transforming the industry into a modern, efficient and sustainable source of food for our planet.

Reliable data to optimize processes and increase yields

Combining advanced hardware and software components, our XpertSea Platform is the most accurate, economical and technologically advanced solution on the market for performing aquaculture inventory assessment and quality analysis. Powerful tools and services — including artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and data analytics — work together to gather, store and analyze information about aquatic organisms. For the first time, aquaculture producers have the reliable data and precise insights they need to optimize their processes and increase yields.

The XpertSea solution

Our solution replaces traditional hand-counting—a slow and inaccurate inventory method—with precision hardware and software tools for rapidly counting aquatic species, with 95% accuracy or better.

'Magic Bucket'

XperCount is a smart device for counting and sizing early-stage aquatic organisms such as shrimp larvae and live feed. Using this patented “magic bucket,” our customers can count organisms with far greater accuracy than before, in minutes instead of hours. By 2017, XperCount had counted more than 17 billion organisms.

Data Portal

XperCount connects to the XpertSea Portal, where our customers can access measurement data and advanced analytics, from any device, anywhere. By 2017, our customers had uploaded over 100,000 counting sessions to the data portal.

Our investors

XpertSea is backed by high profile investors who believe that there’s an imperative need for innovation in aquaculture.