Live feed made easy

Proper feeding increases fish and shrimp survival rates. Simplify and optimize your feed production with the XperCount. It's fast, accurate and precise.

Live feed benefits

Get better counts faster

Faster and more reliable than manual counting or hemocytometers.

Consolidate instrumentation

Analyse multiple different species with a single device and platform.

Reduce data variability

Remove human error and variability with consistent and automated data acquisition.

Save time

Eliminate time-consuming and strenuous microscopic analysis.

Monitor culture growth

Easily follow algae cell density increase for optimal harvesting.

Increase sample size

Work with bigger samples to produce more reliable assessments.

XperCount apps for live feed

Simplify and optimize your feed production with precision apps for live feed producers.

Some of our live feed clients

Improve your live feed operations

Take your operation to next level with the XpertSea Growth Platform.