XpertSea for shrimp & fish hatcheries

Optimize your hatchery operations with precision organism counting and sizing

Hatchery benefits

Save time and money

Eliminating time-consuming hand counting and hand sizing.

Improve relationships with buyers

Ship only the accurate amount and provide proofs of the total shipment quantity.

Reduce production costs

Never waste feed again by knowing the exact number of your organisms.

Track growth and quality

Informative and easy to understand reporting.

Improve live feed culture management

Track microalgae cell density and artemia hatching rates to optimize your harvest and product quality.

Limit the impact of disease

Keep your organisms healthy with optimized stocking densities and feeding.

Optimize shipment activities

The XperCount provides shrimp hatchery managers with an innovative solution for optimizing the accuracy of post-larvae shipments. Reduce waste, minimize customers complaints, and maximize post-larvae survival by always packing the right amount.

Improve quality control

Sample up to 1000 post-larvae in minutes, and monitor up to 30 different tanks in less than an hour. Identify populations to track critical quality parameters over time, inspect photos and analyse trends to detect anomalies in advance.

Some of our hatchery clients
Success story
“Before the XperCount, counting was done manually and we had no means of evaluating accuracy. We ended up overshipping with every shipment.”
Rahul Kulkarni

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