Your aquaculture Growth Platform

The XpertSea Growth Platform allows you to automate animal data collection, address problems early, optimize your production, make informed data-driven decisions,
and maximize your farm profitability.

Stock with confidence

Know how many organisms you received in a shipment by counting them during the initial stocking period. This is important because this number will be used to manage your tanks or ponds for the next three to six months. Being able to count bags accurately and efficiently reduces the margin of error. It also helps improve trust between farms and hatcheries.

Watch your farm grow

Get a complete picture of how your tanks or ponds are doing with just a glance. Monitor your organisms from stocking to harvesting. Track average weights, weight distribution and weekly growth rates to better manage sorting and transfers. Visualize the health of your animals through camera images which enable you to detect signs of disease, deformities and inconsistent feeding.

Predict a better harvest

Leveraging deep learning and AI, the Growth Platform predicts future organism size, their weight distribution and pond composition.

The harvest optimization tool then calculates factors such as average weight, weekly growth rates, and current market prices to give you an ideal harvest date. This results in a data-driven scientific approach to picking the best harvest date based on peak time to sell organisms to obtain maximum revenues.

Growth Platform features

Connect your XperCount to Wi-Fi to upload and analyze your measurements and have access to critical insights, anytime, anywhere.

Compare active ponds or tanks

At a glance, visualize quality information about your populations, such as:

Weekly growth rate
Feed conversion ratio
View detailed observations

Get an overview of how well a tank or pond is doing over time by looking at metrics like:

Average body weight
Count per kilogram
Feed conversion ration
Track weight distribution

Hover over the chart to see the individual sizes. Too much variation could mean:

Bad genetics
Feeding problems
Visualize health

Check the well-being of your animals by clicking on photos and looking at:

Defects or deformities
Feed-related issues
Monitor feed

Know how much feed is being given daily. Use the tool to manually enter:

Feed tray checks
Feeding rates
Optimize harvest

Track tank or pond composition by count/kg and critical baseline metrics such as:

Total cost
Pond/tank value
Expected profit

Get started

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