Advanced fish aquaculture

Advanced counting and quality measurements for your rainbow trout and Nile tilapia operation, from hatchery to grow-out

Fish benefits

Accurately count your fish in seconds

Automatically count and analyse thousands of eggs or larvae in a fraction of the time.

Track fish growth and quality

Track the growth of your fish with clear and informative charts.

Reduce stress and disease

Reduce stress and disease with optimized stocking densities and feeding regimes.

Lower production costs

Reduce labor costs, improve resource management and avoid overshipping.

Experiment and enhance

Try different feeding regimes, track growth and see what works best at your site.

Improve business relationships

Reduce buyer-seller disputes with provably accurate quantity and quality.

XperCount apps for fish

Automate your counting and quality sampling workflows with precision apps for fish producers.

Improve your fish operations

Take your operation to next level with the XpertSea Growth Platform.