XpertSea for shrimp farms

Optimize your farm operations with precision organism counting and sizing

Farm benefits

Validate quality and quantity

Quickly and accurately evaluate each shipment you receive.

Precise stocking and feeding

Keep your animals healthy and optimally fed by always stocking the perfect amount.

Choose the best suppliers

Evaluate shipment quality and survival rates from your suppliers.

Monitor your animals during grow-out

Track size, survival, and variability of your shrimps.

Simplify reporting

Enjoy automatically generated shipment reports and time-series population analysis.

Check quality before you buy

Sample supplier runs with the XperCount and analyze results before purchasing.

Evaluate quality before purchase

Sample animals from your supplier to analyse quality parameters and inspect physical characteristics visually before purchasing. No more costly trips to the lab.

Verify shipment accuracy

Count more bags faster with the XperCount and get a detailed shipment report delivered to your XpertSea account. Keep suppliers honest and ensure accurate stocking and feeding.

Success story
"The XperCount helps monthly operations at Windy Rock Shrimp. The counting device is bringing balance to the workflow by optimizing monthly operations and feeding costs. It is definite that the XperCount2 brings a managerial tool to the primary steps of growing shrimps in an indoor farm."
Jennifer Reis
Quality Assurance Manager
Some of our farm clients

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