The XperCount launches Windy Rock Shrimp while keeping costs down

Jennifer Reis
Quality Assurance Manager
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The customer

Windy Rock Shrimp is a family-run business that raises fresh whiteleg shrimp year-round in a saltwater recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). They sell their locally-grown shrimp from their own retail shop and deliver to restaurants in the area. Since their fall 2016 launch in Cedar Falls, IA, Jennifer has been running the day to day operations, while Jason steps in to help out with shrimp transfers and maintenance. The XperCount was suggested by Windy Rock Shrimp’s consultant and has been a part of monthly operations since the beginning. It serves the very start of the tiered cascade system: counting and feeding the amount of post-larvae received.

The challenge

Windy Rock Shrimp gets approximately 40,000 post-larvae each month. Upon shipment, Jennifer needs to count the total amount of post-larvae received and divide the organisms equally into four nursery tanks. An accurate and quick inventory assessment is necessary for an efficient raise management, but difficult to achieve due to the small size and live nature of the organisms.

"The XperCount helps monthly operations at Windy Rock Shrimp. The counting device is bringing balance to the workflow by optimizing monthly operations and feeding costs. It is definite that the XperCount2 brings a managerial tool to the primary steps of growing shrimps in an indoor farm."
Jennifer Reis
Quality Assurance Manager

The solution

The XperCount is used to count all the post-larvae from the shipment, a process that takes about 2 hours. Without the XperCount, there would be no counting alternative, and visual estimation would serve as validation instead.

Feed is given according to the number of post-larvae in each nursery tank and is done once the counting process is completed. Jennifer integrates the counting results for each tank into her feeding chart.

The results

Benefits of using the XperCount to count shrimp post-larvae:
  • Ensures a quick, efficient and accurate inventory assessment;
  • Helps equally divide the shipment into 4 nursery tanks;
  • Allows an accurate estimation of post-larvae population, which leads to better production management, increased quality and more consistent sales;
  • Avoids relying on visual estimations;
  • Intuitive navigation and user friendly platform makes the device easy to use.
Benefits of using the XperCount for the feeding chart:
  • Accurate counting results help optimize the amount of feed to give the post-larvae;
  • Feed precision directly influences the growth and survival rate and impacts final sales;
  • Optimizing the feed reduces the risk of excess ammonia and nitrites for the post-larvae by better controlling feed surpluses (contaminants) in the water;
  • Knowing how much feed is needed helps in budgeting feed expenses.

On one particular occasion, Jennifer received her monthly shipment from a different provider than usual. After counting her post-larvae with the XperCount, she realized the count was off. She made sure nothing was updated or new on the XperCount and double checked her counts. They were still off. She contacted the provider and explained the situation. She was refunded $500 and got a new shipment with the proper amount of post-larvae.

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