How a Mexican shrimp hatchery uses an automatic shrimp post-larvae counter 350 times per month

General Manager
Arturo Ramos Lemuz
Shipment accuracy
3 times
Faster than manual counting
Monthly production volume
Shrimp Hatchery
Organization type
Main industry

The customer

Genitech is a shrimp hatchery that has been in operation in Mexico since 2003. In that time, they have grown to over 150 employees and now produce 600 million PL every month.

The challenge

As Genitech grew their production, and started sending more shipments each day, Arturo Ramos Lemuz, General Manager at Genitech, noticed that more and more of their time was taken up manually counting the shipments before they were sent. To make matters worse, the results of counting by hand had a lot of variability which sometimes led to conflict with their customers.

“A lot of employees were needed to count the samples and there was a lot of variation between counts. Also, the buyers want to count as well and they tend to undercount.” - Arturo Ramos Lemuz, General Manager – Genitech


Maintaining good relationships with your shrimp farm customers is the one of the most important parts of running a successful hatchery business. So, to get more accurate counts and keep their customers happy Genitech needed to increase the number of people and time spent counting each sample before shipment.

Before, 5 people were counting the samples for 2 hours. Now with the XperCount we need only 1 hour with less employees and we get less variation in the counts.
General Manager
Arturo Ramos Lemuz

The solution

This is when Lemuz decided to turn to technology to solve the problem. When they first bought the XperCount it was only used to double check the counting that had already been done by hand. But after using the XperCount for some time and seeing how reliably it provides fast and accurate counts, Genitech has replaced manual counting all together.

“After training our employees, all the team started to use the XPC. At first, we were comparing the results with manually counted samples. After a while, since the XperCount was giving really good results, we started to only use the device.” - Arturo Ramos Lemuz, General Manager – Genitech

The results

Since moving to the XperCount, Genitech has built stronger relationships with their buyers. Being able to show clear and accurate reports of how many PL are in each batch has led their clients to be happier and more trusting of the Genitech PL. Some of the farms even trust the XperCount results over their own employees.

“The accuracy improved by 95%. Our buyers have more trust now, with the XPC. They are now thinking that it’s the employees that are making mistakes.” - Arturo Ramos Lemuz, General Manager – Genitech

And, not only are the customers happy, but the XperCount is saving the Genitech hatchery time and money.

“Accurately counting shipments used to need seven employees but now we only need two, and we save around 1 hour per shipment.” - Arturo Ramos Lemuz, General Manager – Genitech

Arturo is very happy with the changes the XperCount has brought to Genitech. So happy in fact that he is looking for other areas that could benefit from the speed and accuracy of the counts. One of these areas is counting Nauplii before stocking to insure a consistent stocking density.

“We would buy a device exclusively for nauplii counting because we see human error for the harvesting and it has an impact on our stocking density.” - Arturo Ramos Lemuz, General Manager – Genitech

When the stocking density is known and consistent, it becomes easier to optimize feeding in larviculture tanks, which can help save money on feed, and to increase survival.

Overall, Lemuz says, the XperCount has been a game changer for Genitech, bringing speed and accuracy throughout the organization.

“The XperCount is a really useful device that can increase the efficiency of operations, sales and production.” - Arturo Ramos Lemuz, General Manager – Genitech

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