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September 10, 2015

Welcome to XpertSea’s blog!

We thought our first blog entry was the right opportunity to talk a bit about ourselves, so allow us to set the table.

Who we are

XpertSea owes its inception to the chance union of two students at the Maine Maritime Academy. Together they developed an interest for aquaculture, and soon learned about one of the industry’s main challenges: quantifying production. As their studies progressed, the duo eventually decided to follow through on an idea they had previously explored, which involved using light to characterize aquatic organisms. With aquaculture companies eager for a solution urging them on, the students developed their first prototype. The product quickly found buyers across the globe, which sparked the founding of XpertSea.

Today, the XpertSea team is comprised of professionals from fields as diverse as marine biology, engineering (marine, embedded, software), actuarial science, accounting, international business, humanities and marketing. The one common denominator is that we all share a desire to work on something that has a positive impact on the world. In our pursuit of this vocational ideal, some of us moved to a different country, left cushy office jobs behind, took pay cuts and so on, all to work on a project we believe in.

What we do

At XpertSea, we aim to empower aquaculture producers big and small by providing them with cutting-edge, user-friendly products that can redefine their resource management practices, and by extension their entire production. The first of these products is the XperCount2, a device capable of counting, sizing and imaging millions of small aquatic organisms at a time, and the successor to the aforementioned prototype. This hardware device now syncs with our management dashboard, a web application that harvests and organizes the XperCount’s digital measurements, enabling comprehensive data tracking and analysis.

Why we do it

Aquaculture is a very delicate business. Most aquatic species lay millions of eggs at a time, of which only a minute proportion will hatch and survive. The lucky ones then remain extremely vulnerable during much of their early life stages: they die from inadequate lighting, overfeeding, underfeeding, cannibalization, a plethora of diseases… the list goes on. Overfeeding alone is the source of numerous complications, most of which are related to lethal changes in water chemistry due to excess waste.

Success in aquaculture is thus determined in great part by how efficiently you manage each critical stage of the growth cycle, and how good you are at cutting your losses. Without precision monitoring at each one of these stages, there is virtually no effective way to benchmark your production and correlate method changes with increases or decreases in yield efficiency. We're out to solve that problem.

What we’ll be writing about

By way of this blog, we will strive to produce thoughtful, researched content that hopefully will be both interesting and useful to our readers. We will focus mainly on providing aquaculture producers with insight, information and analysis that relates to efficient resource management, with as much actionable advice as possible. We will also be sharing success stories and case studies from various customers around the world for whom our products have had a true impact on their business. New features and noteworthy company news can also be found here.

How you can contribute

We encourage you to share your thoughts and impressions in the comment section below. You can also drop us a line at info@xpertsea.com with any suggestions, requests, complaints or feedback (good or bad). We always enjoy hearing from you!

Lucas Marcotte Richardson
UX Designer & Product Owner

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