Aquaculture production reports

Our mission

XpertSea’s mission is to develop technologies that transform aquaculture into a modern, efficient and sustainable source of food for our planet. Through research and development of advanced technologies for aquaculture producers, we’re increasing the availability of quality food, reducing the environmental impact of food production, and improving profitability across the aquaculture food chain.

Canadian technology for the world

XpertSea is a Canadian technology company with headquarters in Québec City and offices in Montreal. Our more than 100 customers in over 48 countries range from hatcheries and research centers to local and multinational farming operations. Employing more than 30 people in specialties from machine learning and computer vision to data science, software engineering and animal nutrition, we’re using Canadian know-how to help feed the world.

Our history

Valérie Robitaille and Cody Andrews begin developing commercial applications using optics and photonics in marine environments.
Following interest from aquaculture producers, XpertSea is founded and investigation of the aquaculture space begins.
XpertSea closes a financing seed round of 1.25M CAD from investors led by Real Ventures, edō Capital and BDC.
XpertSea commercially launches the XperCount2, a connected device with computer vision for characterizing aquatic organisms.
Devices are in operation in more than 40 countries and more than 100,000 aquaculture production reports have been uploaded on the platform. XpertSea now counts more than 30 employees with local representatives and partners in Asia, South America and Europe.

Our investors

XpertSea is backed by high profile investors who believe that there’s an imperative need for innovation in aquaculture.